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Butler Golf custom fits each of your golf clubs perfectly to your swing using the latest in launch monitor technology. My reputation has been built upon the ability to produce high performance, custom-fit golf clubs.Butler Golf caters to all golfers, irrespective of ability or age.

I use the finest quality premium club heads from Miura and other specialist suppliers, and combine these with a wide range of shaft and grip options from the leading brands in the industry.  I use the top of the line Mitshubitshi Rayon shafts which are not available to the OEM manufactures. Also, Miura products are not found in golf retail stores.My fitting sessions, using the latest test equipment, TrackMan Launch Monitor, ensure that your custom golf clubs best match your own particular swing requirements.

After deciding on the specifications, the custom golf clubs are then custom built to very tight tolerances in order to ensure optimum performance and feel.